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Luhrenloup's Arcanum


Lorraine Saint Pierre



- XXI -

Encircling the naked woman, in the vast emptiness of the cosmos, a million stars twinkle. She hangs suspended in the void performing her Dance of Life. Twirling and twirling, a wand in each hand, she conjures the awful magic of the universe with her presentation. There are no stumbles, no faux pas. With the grace of an accomplished ballerina she lifts the green gauze of illusion to expose a firmament with no beginning and no end.

Her cosmos is flanked in the four directions by beasts of the Apocalypse. An eagle sets the course, soaring at rise of light. In its train are the poems, the stories, the soul that creates. While at full sun, a mighty lion roams the veld, the fire of its passion coursing through its body, impelling it to devour and to feast. When light plunges deep into the great waters, it unleashes emotions that, like the bull, are powerful, intemperate.

Man, the fourth beast of the Apocalypse, represents earth, matter, that which brings forth life, decays and reforms itself. It is the home of dreams and darkness, the mystery that confounds us. These four powers: the unknowable, the ability to create, a keen appetite and an implacable heart are the gifts of life, the wonders that impel the naked woman to perform her ballet.

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