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Lorraine Saint Pierre



- XX -

At close of day on the lake, a few flickers of red on the deepening yellow water; the sky a flat amber to orange, as dusk approaches. A lone coffin floats by carrying a man, woman and child, dead, living dead, their bodies blue. The coffin glides on water so calm one could walk on it. Save for the lapping of water against the open casket and the creaking of wood, hardly a sound is heard from this still life. Cobalt spectral forces are all that remain of the substance that was once flesh.

The family stands in its wooden box. Father holds a trumpet aloft, in the center of which, wedged firmly in the circular tubing of the instrument, is a red Maltese cross, an ancient symbol of redemption and glory. The horn and cloud, from which it appears, spew out tongues of fire.

Mother stands before her man arms crossed in front of her bosom, hair billowing in the wind. If father looks concerned and she appears doubtful, the child's face beams with joy. Hallelujah! the outstretched arms and youthful body seem to proclaim. Like small flickers of fire the wide-open fingers are greedy to consume this new beginning, put it in its mouth, rub its face in it. Hallelujah! Sound the brass trumpet redemption is at hand.

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