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Lorraine Saint Pierre


The Sun

- XIX -

A young blond couple stands below a huge orange ball of sun. The pair looks directly into each other's eyes exchanging arcane knowledge. Their yellow hair and blue eyes, their slightly amber skin identifies them as Children of the Golden Garden.

Framing their quotidian pleasures, are large cheerful sunflowers. They entwine themselves round, and face the young lovers rather than the sun. It's a phenomenon similar to cats who, knowing their great beauty, choose only the most auspicious surroundings to repose in. Elegance must have its counterpart. One yearns for the proper setting. All beings are naked, exposed to the caressing yellow globe. In the background a high stone fence provides boundary, a magic circle wherein beauty abides.

The young people have never left this enchanted realm, don't have an appetite for cruelty. It's the story of Adam and Eve without the apple, a road to excess deflected. The sultry orb is so large, so close to earth resting just above the stone wall that all of life within flourishes in its embrace. Acceding to its brilliance, young love unfolds like a blossom, fragrant, delicate.

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