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Lorraine Saint Pierre


THE Star

- XVII -

Breasts, thighs, a small protruding belly, the naked woman kneels one leg to the land while her other foot is planted in the stream before her. She pours water into the brook from a blue pitcher she holds in one hand, while also nourishing the earth with water that she pours from a red pitcher. There is a large golden star, directly above, shining down on her. Its cool white light seeps into the earth and into the woman's belly, inseminating both.

From the back of her head emerges, like a set of antlers, a chevron of smaller stars reminding one of the mysterious horned figure in the cave at Lascaux. Deep underground, beyond the eye of careless onlookers, dressed in hooves and tail, the shaman performs his ritual, seeking the good hunt, plentiful bison for the long winter.

Star Woman is unguarded. Her horns are nature's own heavenly bodies. She too seeks to uncover the mysteries of nature, calling forth the spirits of fertility and congress, melding one element with another. This ritual of ablution and fertility occurs in the dark, in the cool night air where a red bird perched in a nearby tree is witness to the marriage of opposites. Such a blissfully peaceful face, one wants to make love to her perfect body, to fuse one's essence with the night, the earth and the waters.

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