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Lorraine Saint Pierre


THE Tower

- XVI -

A man and woman have been forced to leap from high up top the tower where flames shoot out of turrets and open windows. Like rag dolls, their bodies float oafishly down to sea. Plumes of smoke crisscross their downward spiral, and billowing grey clouds above them swirl against a black sky.

The couple is scarcely out of harm's way when twin shafts of lightening strike at the tower from opposite directions. Years of neglect, debris and trash piled up the staircase nourish the fat howling flames. Meanwhile, sea swells thrust up and seize our marionettes sucking them into the ocean's womb. Having fallen from such great heights, they will not recover the position of strength afforded by the tower.

Like those who've suffered through nature's disasters, they will be left with a sense of violation. Knowing there's nothing to be done and nothing to protect them, they will search for spiritual guidance. Meanwhile, fire roars through the tower; rings of smoke rise from its top as if the earth, quite humorously, is enjoying an after dinner cigar.

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