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Lorraine Saint Pierre



- XIV -

With a hermaphroditic body and broad golden wings that would put any eagle to shame, the angel is a truly mysterious being. Standing by a cluster of yellow irises, the spirit wears a white gown trimmed at hem and collar with a gold border. There's a large red triangle on its chest, a symbol one sees on farm equipment denoting a slow moving vehicle.

These fanciful creatures have been with us from the beginning. They are the totem beings that stand by our side and ward off malign forces. With those magnificent wings, they can, at a moment's notice, intervene with any power on our behalf. The angel has one foot on land and the other in a swiftly moving stream. Rooted in both elements, it pours liquid from one cup to another, infusing spirit into matter. A dirt road in the background leads to massive stone mountains.

"Take heed and move cautiously," the spirit warns, "the way is grueling for those who are ignorant of the cost involved in taking such a path. The universe as you know it will cease to exist as the trail unfolds. Every action, every thought and word will be leavened with high purpose."

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