The Bison Nation, Man


The ninth Great Mystery
Is the creation of humankind on the earth.

Sun 9.17.17

The Lakota word Tatanka translates to bison, but more, it indicates the true spiritual immanence attached to the bison. He, who owns us they say, indicating the interrelationship between the bison and the people who used every part of the great beast for sustenance.

People are making clips for YouTube these days in which they talk about the moment they were red pilled, like the movie The Matrix when Morpheus offers Neo the choice of a red or blue pill, red indicating an awakening into what's really going on in the world. The clips are mostly about superficial political or social arrangements that control thought, little moments where one realizes something doesn't make sense, hardly Neo's deep and violent awakening.

So much of society was discarded, devalued, shunted aside, thrown into a basket of deplorable racists, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic people in the presidential election there was bound to be a backlash. I had my own eye opening moment when it became clear to me how much we are controlled by political correctness. The incident "triggering" this awareness is Trump asserting at a debate that he might not accept Clinton's nomination if he saw something untoward unfolding. Hillary Clinton and the press absolutely lambasted him for it, a snake, dishonorable, etc., etc. Yet when Donald won, the very media who castigated him, and Hillary too, would not play fair, would not give him the win, have worked ever since to take it away from him. This sort of thing went on throughout the campaign. Trump, who cannot be shamed, would not fall into the politically correct mind set.

One could see so clearly how all politicians are controlled by the media. It is the media that elected Donald Trump. They couldn't get enough of this crude, bombastic guy who made outrageous statements, and so new to the game he made headlines every time he spoke with his inappropriate comments. "It may not be good for the country, but it's damn good for CBS," said Les Moomves. "It's a circus of bomb throwing," he said about the campaign, "and let's hope it continues."

People like Bush senior, Jimmy Carter, Al Gore are ignored, pushed aside because they are boring, couldn't make a headline if they announced an eminent nuclear attack. So, unlike the Lakota Sioux who were a Tatanka Oyate, a bison nation, we are a crisis nation. Shock and awe rules a benumbed fearful folk. I believe that at least half the people of the world don't need the political, social awakening, red pill, they know what is going on, but go along with the stress stories because of the lack of meaning, the emptiness otherwise. Life is a dangerous adventure, and if you have a system of beliefs like the Lakota, that ties you to the earth, to your source nourishment, and you can grasp its numinism, the spirituality of this connection, then you can more easily accept the human experience, as the noted Lakota leader, Crazy Horse once said, Today is a good day to die.


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