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Sun 8.13.17

How to live a purposeful life in the midst of anarchy. The word anarchy comes from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos, an- 'without' + arkhos 'chief, ruler.' A dictionary definition indicates that anarchy is a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority; absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal. Authority and government, as can be seen in the United States, does not eradicate anarchy, with all its rules, laws, omnipotent surveillance, state of the arts weaponry, it appears to have the effect of generating it.

If one is truthful with oneself, it is obvious that we are at the mercy of government, any and all governments. We are fodder, boots on the ground, the masses, who are not even privy to plots endangering us. How to find purpose when you seem not even to be in control of your own fate? Religion gave the people a purpose. In concert with government, it created a passive, docile populace that focused on the inner direction of one's life, with its allegiance to nobility, dignity, selflessness. That era is behind us. The priest, the minister, no longer dictate how to conduct oneself. They may offer advice, admonition, but they are ignored their purpose does not suit one's needs.

Some religions still hold sway in other countries. They are not of our choosing and do not reflect our values. Having thrown off the yoke of religiosity, totalitarianism of any kind is rejected. The individual is thrown on his/her resources to find meaning and direction in a world without either, at the mercy oftentimes of tyrants, buffoons, madmen.

Pitfalls To Avoid:

Wealth may be counted as possessions, currency, resources, and it is also counted as time, the ticking clock. Your time on this earth is limited. You waste this precious time by involving yourself in the worthless, the counterfeit. Life's most important question - What is real -- cannot be answered. We are incapable of defining it. There are only stories. Chose one that enriches and ennobles you.

One has a center, an inviolable spirit, that needs to be nurtured, respected, protected. Allowing others to cause one pain is to disarm and expose oneself, to lean to far forward in a relationship, whether with loved ones, authority figures, companions. One is born alone, one dies alone, whomsoever you chose to bring into your life is at your discretion and is your decision.

UNWISE ATTEMPTS TO TAKE WHAT IS NOT ONE'S OWN. One's own is the basis of one's balance, one's contentment, one's purpose - a purposeful life. Taking from others, whether it is their beliefs, their story, their purpose, their riches, is a negating of self, causes injury to one's spirit.

So you see, anarchy is the opposite of its dictionary definition. Anarchy is authority at the whim of tyrants, tricksters, charlatans, and rule, mob rule.


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