As humanity expanded beyond instinctual knowing the need for protection and wisdom had to take a new form.

Sun 10.15.17

A soggy autumn day as I sit here coming to terms with a phenomenon common to our society, and undoubtedly to all of humanity. I don't think there is even a name for it because we are so righteous when initiating the action. Stone throwing. When I was a little girl of six years I lost my home and my family. There was sympathy at first. This empathy very shortly turned to antipathy. She's pitiful, a slum kid, dysfunctional family, probably a bad girl, a thief; she deserves her circumstances. These people didn't know me, had never spoken to me. From this experience I developed a distrust of crowds. I saw that people could be easily manipulated, and gathered in crowds became a volatile force. This human propensity has been recorded by past civilizations indicating sacrificial killings to appease the gods as a yearly ritual, or as an act of propitiation for offensive behavior deeming the people deserving of flooded fields, a failed crop.

I am always on the side of the person being pummeled by the crowd, no matter the circumstance. It is a commonplace to experience a person of some renown being ridiculed, denounced, attacked, stripped of power for a common misdeed. Overriding the specific reasons why people become involved in this type of behavior is the crowd movement. They are like tall grasses moving at the wind's privilege.

Case in point: the Harvey Weinstein debacle strikes me as a stone throwing witch hunt. And the MSM compels people to do it -- What, so and so hasn't spoken up against Harvey? They must condone this type of behavior, or they're afraid of losing favor. None of what is being said is of any use and only adds to the hatred, the schadenfreude, We all know this is bad behavior we don't need Hollywood to give us their views on it. MSM of course, stands to profit and deliberately fans the flames of these controversies. I became a writer to combat the words used to control me. Matters are always more complicated than what can be presented in screaming headlines.

I, like the show biz folks, want to quickly denounce Weinstein, making sure you understand that I don't condone this behavior, but it isn't up to me to judge him, to add my stone. This is a matter between him and his accusers, their operating milieu, and the law if any have been broken.

What is it Jesus said? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.


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