For The Week July 17, 2017

Continuity of Life

EOH is the power that supports the different layers of reality and levels of existence, the so-called Middle, Upper, Lower and Under worlds of shamanic cosmology. It is the power that connects the mortality of our physical existence with the immortality of our spiritual reality, and is the power in nature that conquers death.

This rune helps you to feel liberated from the fear of death, develop qualities of endurance, connect with other layers of reality.

Direction & Movement

The power of REID can be felt in the measured rhythm and monotonous beat of the shaman's drum which "moves" the awareness of its visionary journey through inner space. This is why REID is associated with the horse, for the drum was often referred to as the shaman's horse conveying him or her to an awareness of other realities.

This rune extends your awareness, helps you to gain access to 'hidden' knowledge, attain balanced judgment, improve your sense of timing

Bringing into Being

HAGAL is the controller and focuser of energies. It is therefore a rune of structure held firm or constant for the purpose of constructing. It is the power of a pattern from which things come into being and are built.

It banishes unwanted influences, helps you develop intuitiveness within a structured framework so that it does not get out of control, and focuses your intentions.


Hors D'ouevre

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