For The Week November 20, 2017

Bringing into Being

HAGAL is a power of natural change which is necessary in order to correct any imbalance and to create conditions that are necessary for growth and development. What may seem as a setback can turn out to be an advantage in furtherance of growth.

You are being challenged to accept a period of enforced inertia which will not change until you make an alteration. It is time for a reality check.

Energy Streams

LAGU is the power that comes from emersion in an experience. It is like water flowing around you whilst swimming; you are in water and feeling it acutely, yet at the same time are separate from it. You are in it but not of it. It is potential brought forth into manifestation.

Clarity requires an alignment with truth. If you are having trouble seeing clearly, let go of adverse influences.

Continuity of Life

EOH is the power that connects the mortality of our physical existence with the immortality of our spiritual reality, and is the power in nature that conquers death. It is through this power that we can transform our lives by perceiving the spiritual in the physical and by finding true spirituality in the mundane activities of everyday life.

The time calls for meditation on the spirit rather than on the problem. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.


Hors D'ouevre

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