For The Week August 14, 2017

Direction & Movement

One of REID's most powerful attributes is the power to keep energies under proper control and for a specific intention. This might be likened to a rider who is in control of his horse, its speed and direction, rather than a passenger being taken for a ride.

As it is a rune that changes perspective, it is helpful when you need to find direction and see an overview of things.


ODAL is the rune of accomplishment, of what has been performed after a persistent process of activity, and safeguarded so it can be passed on and integrated into the totality of the whole.

Useful for acquiring property or material goods; encourages practical organization

Inner Light

KEN is the fire power that breaks down and creates new shapes under intelligent control. It is the power of analysis, of determined progression, of reasoned growth and development.

Can help to banish that surrounds what you may not understand so that whatever troubles you may be brought to light.


Hors D'ouevre

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