For The Week of January 15, 2018

Runes are part of Viking mythology, worldview, and spiritual practice. 3 runes are chosen randomly from the 24 Celtic symbols. They will indicate what is unfolding for you in the coming week, the direction you need to be moving in, and barriers you may encounter within yourself and in your environment.

The Creative Mouth-piece

ASS is expressed energy, an ability to communicate. It is the one who speaks and brings into existence out of nothingness of the void. It embodies the power of thought and inspiration and functions at the deepest level of the mind.

Let love into your heart now. Proclaim its place in your life.

The Spinner of Time

NAUD is the power behind the instinct for survival, the necessity to endure. It is the strength behind fortitude and defiance. It can help you to cope with stress and provide you with the strength to face trials and difficulties with confident hope

Seek a harmonious way to fill a void in your life. Focus your mind and heart on the problem at hand and your spirit will lead you to a solution

Transformation Into The Light

DAGAZ is the rune of awakening. It is the power that is in the dawn and brings new light. It is victory, ecstatic enlightenment, the realization after a long and hard endeavor of seeing fruition.

Own up to the effect fear may have on you. Resist the temptation to allow important affairs to languish unattended. You are the one most capable of safeguarding your life.


Hors D'ouevre

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