For The Week of December 11, 2017

Continuity of Time

It is through this runic power that we can transform our lives by perceiving the spiritual in the physical and by finding true spirituality in the mundane activities of our everyday living.

The time calls for meditation on the spirit rather than on the problem. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Elevate your point of view.


The essential power of this rune is the ability to communicate at different levels of existence, not just with human beings, but with animals, plants, rocks and stones, and with beings that exist in non-ordinary realities, and with Cosmic intelligences.

Change is called for now. You have a job to do. Don't let fear stop you. Reach within, embrace your spirit, then act.

Energy Streams

LAGU (largoo) is the rune of the element of water, a fluidic power that rises from the well of the unconscious and cleanses and refreshes as it flows through all layers of existence, for it is a carrier of the life force.

Clarity requires an alignment with truth. Purity leads to clarity. If you are having trouble seeing clearly, let go of adverse influences.


Hors D'ouevre

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