For The Week October 16, 2017

Direction & Movement

The power of REID can be felt in the measured rhythm and monotonous beat of the shaman's drum which 'moves' the awareness on its visionary journey through 'inner' space. This is why REID is associated with the horse, for the drum is often referred to as the shaman's horse conveying him to an awareness of other realities.

Expect new and exciting experiences as you travel along your path. You need to set past experiences free in order to move on.

The Spiritual Warrior

The power of the T-rune provides a sense of direction, the courage to follow it in an honorable way, and victory over whatever is confronted along the way. It is a power that can cut away what may be hampering or obstructing so that a way is clear to live in harmony with nature, with oneself, and with others.

Success is yours. You have mastered the situation. Remember the steps taken that led to this triumph.

The Spinner of Time

This rune emphasizes the necessity for friction or resistance before manifestation can occur. It is a friction which kindles an inner fire in order to serve the need. The same power can be a strength within ourselves that can be called upon when facing trials and difficulty.

Seek a harmonious way to fill a void in your life. Focus your mind and heart on the problem at hand and your spirit will lead you to a solution.


Hors D'ouevre

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